Spring Season Box Braids Wedding Hairstyles 2017

Living through the season of cold and snow, ladies that are preparing to get married in spring do not stop their investigations of new trends and tendencies of bridal fashion. Speaking frankly, I understand them. Wedding day is the most important in life for any girl, no matter whether you are a romantic young lady or mature independent woman. It is all about romance and emotions and you should look appropriate. Every trifle should be well planned to provide smooth and perfect ceremony. And it is not only about dress. Bridal hairstyles also mean a lot. Today we will have a look at box braids wedding hairstyles 2017. The trends for SS17 will definitely sport the most natural looks, but for wedding for sure you can further and use more make up, more jewels and gorgeous hairstyles. The most authentic looks for black ladies are provided by protective hairstyles. So, brides, there is a good chance for unforgettable looks with your beloved box braids and twists.

Micro braids bridal hair ideas for black women

wed downdo
cute side hairstyle

If you want to enlarge the range of possible hairstyles for you perfect wed look, then I would advice going for small jumbo braids. The amount of small locs creates the illusion of silky smooth hair and also gives a chance to style any possible updo you like.

Updo box braids wedding hairstyles 2017

high bun for wedding
cute wed updos
twists bridal hairstyles
natural wedding updo
cornrows and twists for bride

Actually, for box braids wedding hairstyles 2017 you just have to use hair accessories. Small headpieces, tiny headbands, laces and jewels are all irreplaceable for the rich wedding image. Well, above all the mentioned you can always reach a unique look by fusing various styles. The most impressive ones are the mixture of French braids with protective hairstyles. The combination of the two styles is like two worlds come and merge into each other.

Fresh ideas on black women bridal hair looks

high bun
elegant bun
elegant bun
loose locs

Finally, if you are looking for a very special idea, stop going through bridal hairstyles. The looks we see on celebs on the red carpet and other important events can be a good source for extraordinary solutions. Also have a look at street style images that sometimes can involve really worthy ideas.