Senegalese Twists Updo Hairstyles To Boast Today

One of the most beloved protective hairstyles for many women are the Senegalese twists. Why? Well, there are various types f them, but not all are both easy and functional, and incredibly nice. For example, consider box braids. They are very widely spread and amazing and all. But it is hard to style them, especially the micro braids that will take hours. By the way, they will last as long as the twists. Meanwhile, the creation of Senegalese twist is much easier and they look equally winning. Finally, imagine that now you already have them. What option are there for Senegalese twists updo hairstyles? This is what we are going to see if you scroll down now.

Impressive bun updos for black women

high bun updos

Bun can be proudly considered number one updo for any protective style. You may try various types of them. The most common is the high bun. It is not only impressive, but also it has some other benefits. When you huge protective mane is fixed high on the head, you do not feel the weight of the tresses. Your roots ans scalp take a rest, while you look awesome. Last summer brought a boom of half up half down hairstyles. Try them on you new twists.

Cute twists and side plaits out of Senegalese braids

protective hairstyles side twist
intricate updos
huge side twist out of Senegalese braids

What would you say on making huge twists out of small ones? Actually, it is one of the nicest looks. You take your small Senegalese braids and create huge twists. Thus, you reach a contrast that will be very beneficial for a new style to rock.

Senegalese twists updo hairstyles ideas

side French braids
black women side French braid

Another look that is very contrasting, yet very appealing is the French braid. Yes the fusion of European classics with purely African-American protective styles result in appearance of the most sufficient Senegalese twists updo hairstyles.

headscarves for protective twists

Head scarf is a very traditional way for black women to wear natural hair as well as extensions. On bad hair days, and when your locks are already old, you can always have a nice look. Just take a scarf with a nice print and wrap it around your head.

impressive updo hairstyles

Finally, here is one of the most cute looks. A high ponytail with half of the tresses and a bun on the front part. Looks good!