Impressive Black Women Dreadlocks Hairstyles 2017

Here is one of the most popular and most favorite protective hairstyles – the famous dreads. I can definitely state that they are the most authentically looking styles among all the rest. Based on natural hair, they really represent very rooty looks. However, there are some complications as well. First of all, is the hair length. To go on to black women dreadlocks hairstyles 2017 you should have some significant length. On its base your stylist will start the process – combing hair backwards and twisting and palming. Then you can add some extensions of natural hair too. Secondly, you have to be ready for the long process of styling. It will really take time. Above all, dreads can last long, so these styles are not just for a month. But the way they look is astounding. Here we go!

Long black dreadlocks for women

extra long black locs
beads and long female dreadlocks
authentic black women dreadlocks
black and long locs for women

You see yourself hat there is nothing to compete with such an astounding look. But very long locs may stress your head and roots. In this case you should also pay much attention to what extension you are going to use. Human hair is light and expensive, yarn is too heavy for wearing for long time. Synthetic hair comes to mind. It will definitely look nice, but what I like about dreads is that they are natural.

Updo hairstyles out of female dreadlocks

ponytails from female dreads
high bun hairstyles for black women dreads

Now once you have made up your mind to go for black women dreadlocks hairstyles 2017, you will get hundreds of possibilities to styles them. Just loose hair looks with some beads added will be good. However, there are always beauty bunnies who look for jazzy updos like buns and chignons.

Short black women dreadlocks hairstyles 2017

shaved sides short dreads
bob cuts out of dreads

If you want completely original dreads and still lack length, why not try the trendy bob cut? Really, the chin length hairstyles are see now everywhere and they are styled on an base. Dreads make no exclusion. Besides, for locs there remains another option – shaved sides and short dreads.

Fascinating street style look with dreads

street style dreadlocks

At the end, have a look at the above couple. Both with dreads, looking so authentic and very impressive. Don’t you want to adopt such locs now?