Female Dreadlocks Hairstyles With Shaved Sides

Seeking for a hairstyles that will make you look different, feel different? I guess you have found it – dreadlocks hairstyles with shaved sides. Among protective hairstyles dreadlocks have wide fame, being popular among men and women of all nationalities. However, it is only black ladies that an boast dreads and look authentic and at ease. Meanwhile many will say that actually dreadlocks do not require any additional complements to make them gorgeous, I will suggest considering half shaved head hairstyles. The undercuts meant for men at the beginning appear to be quite useful for women too. First of all, you get rid of those curly sides that get on your nerves. So you get more freedom. Besides, you will definitely make a statement appearing with half shaved hair. So it is your choice to decide whether you are ready for that. I will only lead you through a brief gallery of female dreadlocks.

Extra long dreadlocks with half shaved head

long dreads and shaved sides
very long dreadlocks with one shaved side

Black women dreads are usually long hairstyles. Below you will see some short styles too. But it is the length that defines the dreads and tells the history. You can play with various options here. Shave only one side. Or shave sides and the nape. Or even do the classy undercut. All will look attractive. Just make sure to take of the shaved parts. You know, protective hairstyles may lats until two months, but the bald parts will need regular cutting and shaving.

Shaved head for short and medium dreads

mid length dreads

As promised, here you see a short and a medium length locs and dreads. Both with shaved sides. Actually, it looks good and if your hair is not long enough but you still seek for a jazzy dreads hairstyle, then go for it.

Updo dreadlocks hairstyles with shaved sides

high bun with undercut dreads
black female undercut dreadlocks
half shaved head locs

High bun or other updos are the best ones to reveal your dreadlocks hairstyles with shaved sides. Meanwhile you show you significant length fixed in a bun, you also open up the shaved part. It may be with patterns. By the way, this is one very vivid method to identify yourself as an individuality. Choose a pattern that fits your style and your perceptions.