Short Natural Hair Ideas To Try Today

No matter whether you already have natural hair or you are on the way of transitioning, you need to know that short hair is very trendy. Yes, finally, the long styles are gone and we no longer need to spent half of our lives in front of the mirror or at the hairdresser’s to get the trendy look. Nowadays, the most jazzy images are created on the basis of short hair. This is proved by model hairstyles and by the images of women we see in streets. No need to spend your efforts to get the smashing looks. However, it doesn’t mean you should be untidy and boring with the same look each day. Short natural hairstyles can be diverse. Just scroll down to find some nice ideas for everyday looks on your short coils.

Cute headbands for short coils

tiny headband for short natural hairstyles
headband for short curls
headband for short natural hairstyles
red headband

Headscarves and headbands represent a whole world of versatility where you can choose a new style each single day. Look elegant with silky scarves, or playful with colorful head wraps. Look like a princess with jewel headbands. Everything is possible if you put in a bit of imagination to transform your natural curls.

Short natural hair puffs

front puff short natural hairstyles
front puff
braided puff short natural hairstyles
braided strand and puff

Afro puff and updos with natural curly hair make one of the most popular hair category. The ideas to experiment with are really infinite. Braid one strand around you head and leave the rest short and curly. Or move hair towards the front and fix like that. Easy, yet so much fun and great looks. They will make you different for everyday and also can be a base for party hair ideas. One great advantage of short coils is that time needed for styling is simply incomparable with the time you may need for grow out locks.

Half knots with short natural hairstyles

half knot short natural hairstyles
half udpos for natural hair

The new trend of half up half down hairstyles has become very popular due to the functionality these styles have. You boast your natural hair texture and at the same time take hair away from face. Thus, you have a comfortable style that also looks impressive.

Hairstyles for short hair with cornrows

elegant short natural hairstyles
nice updo
side cornrows short natural hairstyles
side cornrows

And never forget about braids. Short natural hairstyles will give a possibility to play with various styles of side cornrows and twists. So learn now how to take advantage of the look.