Natural Hair Ideas: Cute Finger Coils

Looking for a new styling option for your natural hair? You have found it – finger coils. They can fit any hair length, from short to long mane, and they are relevantly easy to create. It will take you around two hours, depending on length for sure, to create the defined coils. Besides, another advantage is that natural hair finger coils can last up to two weeks. It is quite good not to think about hair for a fortnight. Also if you go to a pro hair stylist your new coils can last even longer, However, this is one of the natural hairstyles that you can create on your own. All you may need is the hair styling product, your own finger and some time to devote to the whole process. As a result you get cutest coils ever!

Short natural hair finger coils

lovely natural hair finger coils hairstyles
tapered cut finger coils
impressive natural hair finger coils hairstyles
lovely curls
short natural hair finger coils hairstyles
casual short afro
ombre natural hair finger coils hairstyles
short curly ombre hair

So what are the basics? How to create finger coils? Well, first of all you need to have your hair washed and conditioned. Mind that throughput the process your tresses should be wet, so keep a spray with water at hand. Then you start it, better from back to front for symmetry. Take small strands, the smaller is the strand the tighter your curls, so the longer they last. For short hair it will be easier to create the coils for sure. Above all, you can have ombre on your little strands. You will get an unbelievable look with tiy coils and ombre at ends.

Adorable finger coils ideas

cute natural hair finger coils hairstyles
short natural hair
glossy natural hair finger coils hairstyles
defined curly strands
adorable natural hair finger coils hairstyles
black women short natural hair

Now that you have separated a strand you need to start to form a coil. So you wrap around your finger the hair starting from roots, going towards the ends. Apply first the mousse or whatever styling product you use. Consequently, you will need to repeat these actions until you are done with the whole mane. Not an easy thing, yet worthy to try to win you a couple of weeks of peace.

Medium length natural hair coils

medium length natural hair finger coils hairstyles
mid length hair

As mentioned at the beginning, natural hair finger coils are meant for any hair length. No doubt, it is easier to create them when you have short hair. But they look equally nice on mid length tresses too.