Very Short Afro Hairstyles If You Dare Try

Natural black hairstyles are awesome. Especially nowadays when they have turned into a mass trend and women all around boast original coils of medium bob length, or go for shorter cuts. Yes, short cuts are nice and are very popular right now. But what is better than short afro is the very short afro hairstyles. Well, at first sight you may say there is no difference, but I will try to figure t out. Look, if you have short hair on which one can see the curls, then it is the common length. But if you look at the tresses and see extremely short cut that doesn’t allow the curls to reveal at all, then you are dealing with the extreme option.

Celebrity short natural hair

Lupita Nyong’o extra short afro

Actually, there is nothing to be afraid of. Such short cuts are very widely spread among celebrities. Take Lupita. I don’t even remember when we have seen her with long tresses. Well, yes sometimes she boasts some braided high bun, but in the majority of case the artist appears with very short afro hairstyles. By the way, she is the one who has taken the shortest cuts to an all new level, because of the variety of designs she has introduced. Sometime a bit funky quiff, then very short almost bold cut, then undercut, or shaved sides.

celebrity short afros
celeb very short natural hair

For sure, Lupita is not the only one black celebrity that adores the natural short hair. Many other love them and what is better show off their inborn texture and style.

Cute and very short afro hairstyles

cool short afro
street style very short afro curls
extremely short hair for black women

As for ordinary yet extraordinary ladies, in streets we can always draw inspiration from the looks we see around. And what we see are the very short afros that win hearts and take breath away.

Black women natural short afro hair

very short black afro
rooty very short natural coils

Fortunately, to tell the world that you respect your roots and love the way you are it is not necessary to go too far to the very rooty images we had before. Simply wearing natural hairstyles for black women will be enough I am sure. In any case, for some event the above make up and accessories will make you stand out of the crowd and inject respect towards your culture.