Black Women Half Shaved Head Short Afro Hairstyles

Hair trends 2017 are already defined and it is clearly stated that black women are encouraged to boast their natural hair texture. What does it mean? It means that now you can freely wear your cols in a short afro style and never worry about your looks. Yes, several seasons ago natural short afros were not so welcomed as now. But the recent runway shows had so many black models with short curly hairstyles, that we can’t help admitting the fact and feeling happy for that. Still there is anther trend going alongside – half shaved head short afro hairstyles. Or we can also call them female undercut hairstyles. Yes, your short afro can have sides and nape shaved and strictly crop cut. This will result in a most trendy look of current seasons. Let’s see some ideas right now and get convinced that short cols rock!

Very short afro styles with shaved sides

Lupita Nyongo short afro with cropped sides

Actually, Lupita is no the only celebrity that rocks her natural hair always. But it is she who looks so comfortable and natural with short afros. Above all, she always manages to look different. Sometimes it is a small quiff, other ties an undercut afro. Obviously, even such short hair can look differently each time.

short afro undercut
blonde coils with shaved sides

It should be noted that natural hair doesn’t always mean natural color. So you are absolutely free in your choice of colors. Platinum blonde short afros are popular yes. But you can also add some highlights on curls. It will look cute.

Mohawk hairstyles with natural hair undercut

cool Mohawk out of curls
female undercut hairstyles
black women short undercut hairstyles

The truth is that undercut is men’s hairstyle. Well, traditionally it is. And most often it leads to Mohawk styles. The same is for women, maybe not all of us appear so daring, but there is a good chance to have the perfect hawk with half shaved head short afro hairstyles.

Half shaved head short afro hairstyles

blue curls and half shaved head
natural coils with patterned sides

Well, not too much to be said about this hair looks. They are quite impressive and they really fit the texture. The shaved sides and nape allow get rid of many styling processes and problems. So you can definitely try it once at least. I bet you will like it.