Functional Casual Medium Box Braids Hairstyles

There must be some reason why medium is considered the most optional length for any hair. Indeed, this is the functional length. Much easier to maintain than long mane. And nit much more difficult than taking care of short tresses. Besides, the biggest advantage of mid length hair is the functionality. With this length you can create updos! This is what short hair will never allow. So going for medium box braids hairstyles definitely has many merits. While shortcomings are quire insignificant. With protective hairstyles for black women, it is the same. Long locs are harder to manage and maintain. And in this world of business ladies where we all never have time, it is essential to have stylish vivid style that requires almost not efforts. Now enough words, let’s get to see some nice ideas on how you can wear and style you braids this time.

Half up half down mid length braids

top knots out of braids
half up medium locs

Half up half down buns and top knots won much attention this summer. Perhaps, this is quite natural cause they look cool. On the one hand you show off the length and texture. On the other you rock an updo. With medium box braids hairstyles such style is possible.

Cutest medium box braids hairstyles

mid length protective hairstyles
big jumbo braids

What I love in this length is that it looks awesome without doing anything. So you just leave the locs without styling and touching and the styles is ready. For sure, you should take care of the strands as of any other protective hairstyles. But your long locs may start getting on your nerves and you will seek for updos to get rid of them.  With mid length braids it is impossible to get tired.

Multi functional mid length locs

nice braids of medium length
adorable medium braids

There is always a way to make your look more appealing. Yes, the short and medium braids are fantastic. But what if you add beads? Won’t the style look nothing but jaw-dropping? All you need to try it once and I am sure you will want to stay with this length forever then. One day leaving it loose, the other day making an updo, and still enjoying the length that implies no troubles for styling.