Nice Way To Wear Box Braids With Headscarf

Has it ever happened to you that you wake up in the morning and feel like you ant to change something in you image? I bet it has. Women are cats, seeking for makeover and new things and emotions. Especially, when you wear protective hairstyles for a month or two, it cold be boring. And on a certain day you suddenly get tired of buns, p-tails, and loose hair. What can help you are hair accessories. From flowers and jewels to bandanas and headwraps. Box braids with headscarf will be a good way to update your look today at this very moment.

Long box braids hairstyles with headbands and scarves

head scarves for long jumbo braids
tiny headband for long box braids
long box braids with head scarf

You can wear headscarves in million of ways. But before styling, you need to choose it. Personally I love bright colors. With dark skin tone they make a very obvious yet quite nice contrast. However, it depends on where you are going. If it is work hairstyle, then better go for less loud colors, and sty;e in a simple way, without rolls and buns on front. It is not obligatory to make buns or hide hair under wraps. Just leave hair loose and use the scarf as a headband.

Updo hairstyles for box braids with headscarf

glam head scarves for jumbo braids updos
high bun from box braids and a scarf
box braids bun hairstyles with head scarves
casual protective updo wrapped in a head scarf

Actually, the most common way to use headscarves is the bun from box braids. SO you create you regular high donut bun, and war the scarf around your head. You can fix it in a nice bow for the cutest looks.

Headwraps fr black women

exceptional headwraps hairstyles
nice headwraps for black ladies

Besides box braids with headscarves, you can also consider using headwrap. For sure we will get to them later in a separate post. But today just have a look at how you can freshen up your look with simple cloth with bright colors. Besides, the use of scarves and wraps is really a good option on bad hair days. You can absolutely conceal you awful tresses, and look fabulous. In a word, if you feel this is the day for a change, then ope your wardrobe choose the scarf and fix around your braids.