Impress With Colorful Box Braids Hairstyles

Long hair extensions are fabulous for any black women. But what is more impressive? I can only find one thing – colorful box braids hairstyles. When you get to protective hairstyles, you always have the option to use natural color extensions, or make your image more expressive with some jazzy color or highlights. Any extensions like box braids or twists or dreadlocks allow o add any color to the tresses you may want. So why not stay pink or red for a couple of months? Or even yellow? Sure, it is worthy to try something daring once. And I am sure that you won’t have time to get bored with your color, cause protective hairstyles last just a month or two.

Blonde color long protective hairstyles

bleached blonde box braids
dark straw color for protective plaits

To achieve a maximum contrast with your dark skin tone, try going completely bleached blonde or straw color. This is the best way to create a very controversial, yet quite impressive look.

Grey color extensions for black women

silver plaits and twists
dark hair color with silver highlights

With the trends that have been set by runways ans fashion weeks, we see that silver hair has somehow become very popular. Women getting grey are not dyeing hair any longer, they just boast their silver color. And younger ladies on the contrary dye hair into grey. Obviously, we are dealing with a trend and we can easily follow it. All you need is to add silver into your box braids.

Black women purple color protective hairstyles

purple twists
bright violet tresses
violet hair extensions
ombre with violet and pink hair colors

Violet, purple and their shades are a nice way to upgrade your look. You can have all the length of your plaits with these vivid colors, or create ombre effect with violet fading to pink.

Pink box braids hairstyles

long pink color plaits

Green twists and braids

long green protective braids
blueish braids

From pink to blue, the colors represent a very wide palette for you to choose.

Colorful box braids hairstyles for black women

colorful twists and box braids
pastel blue braids

The curious thing is that the colorful box braids hairstyles do look very artificial, and the current trends sport naturalness. So how do such styles manage to remain popular? The secret is in black women. The way of wearing these colors combined with outfits and accessories make them look like a part of our lives.