Half Shaved Head Hairstyles For Black Women

You want to look different? You want to make a statement with your look? unique protective hairstyles, bright hair colors are already tried and left behind? Obviously, you are out of ideas. And here it comes – half shaved head hairstyles for black women. Yes, they are jazzy and very extravagant. But it so worthy to get such a  look. Actually, shaved sides, undercuts, half shaved head is quite a manly style. But recently it has entered women fashion worlds and now we see around women shaved hairstyles and we love them. So it is time for you too to convert your traditional protective hairstyles into something new and modern.

Bob haircuts length for shaved head locs

shaved sides faux locs for bob hairstyles
one side shaved protective hairstyles
silver grey faux locs with half shaved head

The trendiest hair looks of our time are the bob haircuts. At first sight, you will say that box braids bob cuts are not very possible. However, the above faux locs shoulder length styles prove that they are not only possible but also gorgeous. Jazz it up with one full side shaved and you will become unforgettable. Or try the trendy silver color on long locs with patterned sides.

Long faux locs half shaved head hairstyles

shaved head updos from faux locs
undercut protective hairstyles

I bet there is nothing more impressive than protective hairstyles updos like buns and Mohawks, combined with partly shaved head. Speaking about black women in particular, the half shaved head hairstyles are very matching their scalp shape, and reveal the perfect lines of the head. Long faux locs can become a good base for such brave experiments.

Box braids hairstyles with half shaved head

black women undercut jumbo braids
half shaved head hairstyles out of box braids

Have a look at the above various box braids hairstyles that are fused with shaved styles. The colorful plaits, or one solid white color, or even the natural black braids will look fabulous once you have the sides cropped or shaved.

Black women twists shaved sides hair

long twists on cropped sides
crop cut sides hairstyles out of twists

Senegalese twists or natural hair twisted is also a base for combining it with bold and trendy haircuts. Generally speaking, all protective hairstyles are good enough for creating new modern styles. Even the most adorable and cute crochet braids, that are mainly the lovely curls, can look awesome with one side shaved completely.