Black Hair Trends 2017: Janelle Monae Hairstyles Inspiration

This young talented actress, singer, song-writer and model, is known not only for her talents but also for her looks. Absolutely standing out with her delicate taste in regards to outfits, now she proves to be an outstanding hairstyles inspiration for a whole generation of black ladies. Effortless, casual, yet always elegant and representing her unique vision of world, Janelle Monae natural hairstyles 2017 will take you to a brand new world of hair ideas. The story goes long before she astounded everyone with her double-buns last December. Appearing on all the most fashionable shows her natural hair is always natural no matter styled in braids, vintage bouffants or Victory rolls.

However, it is the casual and teeny two bun hairstyles of hers that made the style go viral. At the recent SAG Awards 2017 Janelle took the afro puffs to all new level. making them a perfect red carpet and cocktail party styles.

Vintage hairstyles for black women

Janelle Monae finger waves hairstyles for black women 2017
finger waves
Victoria roll
Janelle Monae black women front puff hairstyles 2017
front puff
Janelle Monae black women vintage hairstyles 2017
vintage hairstyles

If you have ever thought that your natural hair can’t be turned onto a most impressive retro style due to texture, you were all the wrong. The singer proves your inborn strand to be a perfect base for finger waves, for Victory rolls, for Rockabilly style. Actually, for everything. It is obviously worthy to get to know her styles better to implement them.

Janelle Monae natural hairstyles 2017 – updos

elegant updo
Janelle Monae black women updo hairstyles 2017
creative natural hair updos

You relaxed natural tresses will look fabulous and jaw-dropping, once you start styling them appropriately. Look at the above picture. t first sight they are the most casual updos each of us can create at home. However, the imagination never stops. Some pins, flowers and metal strings turn simple things into pieces of art.

Incredible braided hair ideas

Janelle Monae black women pompadour hairstyles 2017
braided pompadour
Janelle Monae black women braided hairstyles 2017
huge braids

Is there anyone who hasn’t dreams of such an amazing braided hairstyles? I bet there is not a single soul! Your natural hair are simply the best base to recreate such braids. Just get the technique and skills.

Flirty double bun hairstyles for natural hair

Janelle Monae double bun hairstyles for black women 2017
natural hair buns hairstyles

This is it, the double buns! Janelle Monae natural hairstyles 2017 represent the most fantastic style that we have ever seen. The casual puffs have suddenly become elegant styles that one can wear to her own wedding even. For several times already Janelle has been spotted attending various events with these buns. However, each time they are different. Depending on the hair accessories she uses. Actually, they are all gorgeous.