Gorgeous Black Women Ponytail Hairstyles

There is a hairstyle that we all know from when we were kids, the easiest, the cutest and the most demanded one. Yes, I am talking about that very ponytail that we all have in our arm-kit to save us in any situation. However, if you have always thought of it as of just cute hairstyle to wear at home and keep hair away from face, now I will prove you that ponytails are astounding. They can be worn anywhere and anywhere. If your hair is just slightly longer than short bob, the  go and get your ail. Below you will see a small gallery of celebrity hairstyles that will represent variations for black women ponytail hairstyles. They are nice and elegant, and not all of them are that difficult to recreate. Just knowing some technique and hair tips will get you an excellent updo style in not more than just a couple of minutes.

Relaxed hair braided ponytails

sleek high braid
Alicia Keys black women ponytail
Alicia Keys black women ponytail

Today we are digging our inspiration from black celebs that are many and that are super cool. Above you see braided ponytails that also have many variants to be styled. So you can take a weave sleek and straight and have a high tail. Or you can leave your relaxed hair in calm. Just wrap a messy braid on one side and that’s it. With braids there are always millions of variants to choose. For example, the plaiting style. There exist French and Dutch braids, fishtails and many many others. Actually, just get your imagination into work.

Wavy high black women ponytail hairstyles

Beyonce sky high wavy ponytail for black women
Beyonce sky high wavy ponytail for black women

The most well know black stars of our times here introduce high ponytails, wavy and curly. Bey and RiRi are among the chameleon artists, that change styles so often that we can hardly remember all of their images. But these high ponytails are certainly worthy memorizing and tying some day. Indeed, this is just the classy easy high p-tail fixed with ribbon and wrapped with a strand of own hair.

Celebrity sleek and straight ponytails

Mary J Blige
Ciara sleek ponytail
Ciara natural hair ponytails
Kelly Rowland low sleek p-tail

Black women ponytail hairstyles can be this much straight and this much elegant. Well, there is an option to use weave for such polished looks instead of torturing and straightening natural hair. Still, it is up to you to decide on it.