7 Celebrities Who Graciously Rock Dreadlocks

Dreads create one of the most fascinating looks ever. Though there can still be that perception of stereotypes, we all know eel enough that dreads really rock now. By the way, it is proved not only by you and me, but also by celebrity dreadlocks hairstyles. Below you will see famous artists – singer and actors – who proudly boast their natural hair locs. When in 2015 Zendaya appeared at Oscars Academy Awards with full length thick dreads, she was criticized toughly. People said that dreads are all about weeds. Well, there is always some strong personality that puts a beginning to something big and significant. In a word, now a couple of years later, we see how much dreads have spread along. Consequently, Marc Jacobs recent collection for spring/summer 2017 featured crazy wool dreadlocks looks worn by such models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Obviously, society has started to feel the spirits dreads and all other protective hairstyles carry.

Ciara long thick dreads 

Ciara Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles
long colorful dreads of Ciara

The dreads of this popular singer are long and thick. But they are not traditionally black and solid. As you can see there are several blonde and lack strands, that make the image much catchy.

Laurin Hyll short dreads

LAURYN HILL updos out of dreadlocks
updos out of dreadlocks
LAURYN HILL Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles
short locs

Despite of the genera; opinion about the length of dreads (we usually imagine them quite long) above you see some cute ideas o  how to wear short dreadlocks. Leave them loose or tie with a scarf.

Whoopi Goldberg authentic protective hairstyles

Woopie Goldberg Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles
mid length female dreads

The famous actress has always rocked natural black hairstyles. And it is not surprising at all that she is often see with dreadlocks. Whoopi likes them of middle length and of authentic black color.

Solange dreadlocks and twists

Solange Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles
long kinky twists

Unlike her sister Beyoncé, that love all possible hairstyles with relaxed hair and wigs, from long curls to smooth ponytails and casual bobs, Solange is different. Actually, the talented lady always prefers to have natural hair. She has rocked afros, very short and longer, tight braids and loose dreads.

Rihanna celebrity dreadlocks hairstyles 2017

Rihanna dreadlocks 2017
Rihanna dreadlocks 2017
Rihanna dreadlocks hairstyles 2017
pop star locs

Well, just a couple of days ago RiRi introduced to public a completely new image if hers – long impressive dreads. Obviously, celebrity dreadlocks hairstyles are really going forward in hair fashion world. The chameleon on hairstyles Rihanna ha found a completely new way to rock authenticity.

Retro looking dreads with bandana

Ledisi Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles
Ledisi rockabilly hairstyle

Curiously, you ca go even retro with your dreads. Sure, it may sound crazy. However, it is real and it is very nice. Check out the above vintage Victory roll hairstyle.

Zendaya long smooth locs

Zendaya Celebrity Dreadlocks Hairstyles
accurate long locs

Finally, the famous dreads of Zendaya. The look really nice. Naturally, they aroused much fuss around.