Lovely Box Braids Bow Bun Hairstyles

The widest range of updo hairstyles are created on the base of box raids, and twists and other protective hairstyles. Many of them are very fnctional and easy, like plain p-tails, and famous high donut bun styles. Menawhile the others, see not to be very popular, but are very cute and nice. One of such styles are the box braids bow bun hairstyles. Yes, you just create a bow on your head and convert onto a most lovely creature. Childish? You may think at first sight. However, looking closer and trying yourself will guide you to see that in reality they look quite flirty and womanly.

Black women protective hair updos

bow buns for black women
half up braids bows
box braided bow hairstyles

Bow bun hairstyles are a very particular and nice way to wear the traditional box braids. The hair will be neatky fixed on the nape, and create a really cute look. Below I will introduce some details on how to create box braids bow bun hairstyles.

Lovely box braids bow bun hairstyles

cutest thin jumbo braids bow hairstyles
neat bow buns from box braids
nice box braids bow buns
elegant bow buns from box braids

First of all, you need to create a high ponytail and fix it with a band. Then pull hair through the band as if creating a sort of bun. Then you divide the tail into two parts and here you already see the start of the bow. Now take the ends of the ponytail, pull forward and wrap over the middle of the two ends. Then stick with bobby pins. If there are strands left out, just hide them beneath the two buns.

Cute box braided bow buns for black women

blonde small box braided bow updo
various black women bow buns
Senegalese twists bow bun hairstyles

This last picture depicts bows made from Senegalese twists, and they look gorgeous, right? Making bows is a perfect option to style a quick designs for some event that you were not ready for.

Mind not to make the ponytail too tight cause it will make hair break on the one hand, or even result in hair loss. On the other hand it may cause headache also. Above all, when you go to sleep leave braids loose, for them also to breath and take rest.