Hottest Looks With Bantu Knots Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles for black women include so many variants and solutions that you can hardly ever get tired of them. It is about box braids, twists, weaves, yarn braids and lot more. However, almost all of them require significant length or the use of extensions. Perhaps, this is why we see how bantu knots hairstyles become more popular each time. Originally considered as kids styles, now they are worn by grown up ladies and look awesome. The good thing is that you can style them on your own on your natural hair base. Another advantage is the length that is not necessarily long. Finally, bantu knots look original and unique and can perfectly underline your individuality.

Model looks with bantu knots

glamorous bantu knots hairstyles
glam black knots hair

To start with, have a loo at these brightly dressed black models. They rock the multiple knits style and look simply jaw dropping. In a word, these are not just another protective styles, but they are the styles worthy to get to photoshoots and runways.

Black women bantu knots hairstyles

natural hair bantu knots hairstyles
cool updos
sensual bantu knots hairstyles
multiple knots
authentic bantu knots
bantu knots hairstyles
natural hair knots

Once you have decided to go for such hot knots, you have to know that the most important step here is the hair parting. Obviously, accurate rectangular or triangle sections should be well defined and symmetric. This is the key to excellent black women knots. Besides, you can play with your hair texture. For bigger kinky knots use your inborn dizzy coils. For more polished looks, apply gel and wax on strands first.

Various hair ideas with bantu knots

natural hair bantu knots
twisted multiple buns
black women bantu knots hairstyles
black women updos

Basically, bantu knots are strands that are twisted a lot and fixed with small pins. This is the general style that almost everybody uses. It is easy cause you create hem on your natural hair. However, there are other ways too.

Cool braided bantu buns 

bantu knots hairstyles with beads
bantu knots and beads
bantu knots hairstyles with baby hair
defined baby hair
bantu knots wth braided pigtails
cool knots hairtsyles

You can mount your knots on the base of your protective hairstyles. Yes, you can take your box braided strand and roll it into a tiny bun. Besides, don’t get confused and create your own styles. Leave some strand undone and create unique combinations. Also don;t forget about beads, that are always a nice complement to any hair look.