Elegant Box Braids Low Bun Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles are a good base for any type of hair looks. And if you think that your box braids can’t look delicate and elegant, you are wrong. When invited to some dinner or wedding, or business meeting, don’t panic. Looking strict is possible with box braids low bun hairstyles. Obviously, we are used to high buns that are very popular and suitable for box braids. However, who said that low or side chignons are impossible. Below is a brief gallery of black women hairstyles worthy for casual looks as well s for a cocktail party.

Elegant downdos from jumbo braids

low bun from box braids
refined low side bun out of jumbo braids

Indeed, looking at the picture there remain now doubt about how much elegant your image will become once you style your plaits differently. By the way it is not necessary to create very complicated style. Simple side chignon will already be enough to impress.

Casual box braids low bun hairstyles

cute low bun with deep side parting
French braid into low bun out of box braids
intricate box braids low bun hairstyles
low chignon out of box braids
black women low buns from protective hairstyles

The bottom line here is creativity. Give freedom o your imagination and it will create very unique looks. For example, try French braided crown out of your jumbo braids, that will go and end in a low bun on the nape. The combination of the two styles like French plaiting and box braiding will be impressive. Also you can add other techniques, just don’t be afraid to experiment – fishtails, twists, Dutch braids.

Celebrity box braids and low bun hairstyles

micro braids low buns
small jumbo braids into low buns

Box braids low bun hairstyles will definitely change your appearance. If you masterfully combine them with appropriate dress and accessories you evening image will be completely different of that you wear during the day. Of course, it won’t pass unnoticed and people will be surprised and amazed by your makeover. And it is not difficult to achieve it. The principle is the same as with high bun. Simply fix hair into low ponytail and then wrap the tail around the base. Which way you do it will result in the style of your hairdo.