Black Women Cutie Double Afro Puff Hairstyles

Wearing natural hair can be real fun! Of course, there are quite many implication with daily care procedures and y too. Besides, you cannot forever love your extra curly coils. However, in between relaxed hair and protective styles, you can always find time to boast your natural hair texture. If you are not on the side of cutting hair to wear short afro hairstyles, that are quite trendy nowadays, then don;t worry. Your long or mid length natural hair can be styled in a most cute way – double afro puff hairstyles. Yes, the original afro puff, that is actually a ponytail for black hair texture, is taken to the new height to fit the modern trends. Double buns have become widely spread among grown ups now. Before you would think of them as typically childish looks, but now they are considered sexy and lusty. And this is damn true. Have a look at the pictures below to get convinced!

Red natural hair double buns

red afro puffs
afro two bun hairstyles
black women double bun

You see several pictures above with red hair color and double buns on natural coils. Obviously, not all of them are authentic, but it perfectly underlines the importance of color too. Of course, the black color of black women is really nice, but it may be boring sometimes. To jazz up your hair looks use some new color. It is not necessary to dye curls, hair chalk will perfectly do the job.

Cute double afro puff hairstyles

lovely two bun hairstyles
teen double buns

Well, I can’t definitely say that double afro puff hairstyles are serious enough to go to work. Still, they are extremely cute for casual looks every day, and also for going out and for dates. Why? Cause they look quite playful and attractive. It is like a reflection of the mixture of a child inside you with the mature woman you are in reality.

Sexy playful double buns for black women

natural hair afro puffs
sexy double buns
half up half down afro knots

Another option for your new hairdo is going to half updos. Half up half down top knot have been the boom of the past summer and you can still grab some of their popularity. Half afro puffs will allow you showing off the texture as well as the cute style itself.