Casual Box Braids Bun Hairstyles To Look Cool

If you ask any black lady which is the most common and easy box braids hairstyle she will answer that bun. And she will be right. The casual, yet so stylish buns are the number one updos for protective hairstyles. Actually, long jumbo braids will allow you creating any style from ponytails and buns to the most sophisticated French braids and updos. What we are going to discuss today are the box braids bun hairstyles, to be more exact high buns. Simply fixed on the top, they look relaxed and casual. However, of you make a tight accurate high bun, it will look already elegant.

Bun hairstyles out of small box braids

black women loose buns
thin box braids updos

First of all, let’s make it clear that box braids can be of different types. Thus, there are small and big styles. Consequently, buns can be done of different bases and look different too. The small box braids buns if made tight will look very sophisticated. And when they are loose and relaxed, they make good styles for every day.

Colorful box braids bun hairstyles

colored box braids updos
highlighted jumbo braids bun

As any other extension, you are free to choose colorful  raids, Well, let’s leave aside for now the drastic colors, and just have a look at modest grey and brown and highlighted styles. No doubt, highlights will look impressive creating the illusion of fusing colors and creating some kind of a visual adornment on your head.

Big box braids updo hairstyles

huge jumbo braids high bun
braided bun from big braids

Huge jumbo braids are kinky, thick and perhaps they are not as delicate as thin braids. Yet, they are easier to create. Much easier. Meanwhile updo hairstyles out of them look equally nice.

Cool casual bun hairstyles form long box braids

high jumbo braids updo
simple bun from box braids
black women bun hairstyles

On the whole, buns are the most casual styles for black women. They can be worn to work every day, you can create a tight updo for an elegant party. Or a loose one for more romance at a date. The ways to play with it are many indeed.

high updos from jumbo braids
enormous box braids bun hair

The best part of buns is that they fit everybody, regardless of age and lifestyle, of hair color, regardless of the season and place. Box braids bun hairstyles are universal.