Astounding Black Men Updo Bun Hairstyles

Long hairstyles for men are always impressive. No matter whether you boast natural texture, use some highlights, or create protective hairstyles. Nowadays men are allowed to wear any look they like. And we have to admit that some of these looks are simply gorgeous. For example, take, black men updo bun hairstyles. They can be created on various bases. So if you have dreadlocks, or natural afro hair, or other type of extension, just pull hair up in to a bun. Well, above of all this, there is also another thing that is extremely trendy nowadays – undercut hairstyles. In a word, you have sides shaved, while top is long hair fixed in an updo. Above all, current lumbersexual trends are also valid for black guys. So to complete your image you also add a significant beard. And here you are with a most astound male bun hair and a beard.

Dreadlocks and black men updo bun hairstyles

young guys undercut buns
shaved sides black men buns
teen guys high bun hairstyles

When it comes to long mane, for black guys dreadlocks are perhaps the most commonly used style. Well, locs fit the texture and underline the origins. But for a most modern look, above you can see some pictures with undercut haircuts and dreads buns. This is what is really fashionable.

Dreads updos for black men

big locs mane in an updo
black men updo’d locs

By the way, recently men have started to get upgraded looks with the help of highlights. Really! For sure on some hairstyles for men it may look strange. But black men updo bun hairstyles are awesome when you add highlights to your locs. Consider this option, seriously!

Black guys with natural hair styled into buns

male bun hairstyles with beards

A nice photo indeed representing two black guys with beards and updo hairstyles. Well, this is the very trend of our times. I bet many men are growing out hair now to achieve such looks. As a woman, I will say that it looks nice really.

updos for natural hair
afro puffs updos

Natural curly texture of black men hair is also worthy to have a look at. Although it may be difficult to deal with it each day, spending time on styling. But once you learn to create this high afro puff updos, you will start to add your coils.