Black Man Bun Hairstyle Ideas Worthy Copying

Long hairstyles for men are reality. Starting from ancient times the length of tresses meant a lot. It defined the man’s positions in the society, also the level of his wealth, the number of his victories. Then the trends completely changed and short cuts came into fashion. Crop cuts, fades, the elegant hairstyles from 60’s with deep side parting and backs like those of Elvis. Well, nowadays, long hair is again fashion sported by men in different corners of the worlds. Perhaps  long mane does not to have so much significance like in the past, but for sure it looks extremely impressive. Especially on black guys hairstyles with the vibrant hair texture and dreads. Black man bun hairstyle ideas are worthy to look at and copy if your hair is long.

Undercut male bun hairstyles

undercut dreadlocks bun
crop cut sides male buns
shaved side high bun for black men
curly hair man buns

Undercut hairstyles for men are indeed trendy nowadays. For both long and short hair there are many designs with patterns, crop cut or shaved sides, with longer or shorter crown part. Undercuts are easy and comfortable cause hair does not interfere with face and neck and does not make you nervous.

Black man bun hairstyle ideas for elegant looks

business look with dreadlocks bun

If you think that dreads and buns are not decent styles for a business look, you are damn wrong. The right outfit,trendy glasses combined with a dreadlocks bun will make a smashing combo.

Various ideas on male bun hairstyles

long hair top knots
box braids and dreads top knots for men
high bun hairstyles for black men

Among the man bun hairstyle ideas, the most frequently met are the casual buns. You simply take your hair, fix in a high ponytail, not very tight by the way. Then you wrap around the dreads or box braid or natural afro hair and fix with a ribbon, or pins.

Street style black guys buns and knots

buns and knots for black guys
cornrows into bun hairstyles for men

There is always space for creativity and imagination. Here are good examples, with tight cornrows, undercuts, patterned sides and at the end a small bun on top. Indeed, an inventive style that will impress everyone and will not cause you any problems with maintenance.