Natural Hair Updos You Will Want To Style Now

If you have gone natural and endured all the tortures on the way of transitioning, now it is time to think about cool curly hair ideas. Of course, you can leave hair loose. This is one of the best sides of having authentic curly style. But you know, women are changeable. We often get tired of the looks we have, of the clothes we wear, of everything. At such moments you need to have some natural hair updos ideas at hand to look cool each day without spending too much efforts. You are free to choose among ponytails, buns, knots, afro puffs and also hair accessories such as head bands and head scarves. In a word, let’s see the pictures now!

Headscarves and natural hair updos

headscarves for curly hair updos
curly hair headbands
black women updo hairstyles with headscarves
colorful head scarf

These are the coolest hairstyles among all the possible updos? Why? Cause you are actually creating one and the same style each time. But you can use various headscarves. So to look elegant, you can try silky scarf and modest colors. Meanwhile for brighter and joyful looks, colorful headscarves and big earrings will be perfect.

Flirty curly high buns

cool natural hair updos for black women
curly bun styles

Double buns are another cute look for your flirty coils. Actually, there was time when they were considered hairstyles for little girls only. The double afro puffs made perfect school styles. But time changed, and we see adult ladies rocking them . And we love the look! Well, if two buns are too much for you, the the traditional high bun hairstyles will fit you in this case.

Black women afro puff hairstyles

updo hairstyles for natural hair
huge puff
natural hair updo puff hairstyles
natural hair puffs

What is the afro puff? The truth is that it is the old good ponytails hairstyle for black women. Really, if you take your curly mane and fix it in a high tail, you will get the natural hair updos called puffs. You have space for creativity here, playing with coils, adding colors, and choosing the perfect height.

Casual natural hair updo hairstyles

black women curly hair updo styles
high curly ponytails
black curly hair updo hairstyles
black curly hair updo

Finally, updos are good options if you have no time nor strength for creating intricate styles. Just fix hair into a tail and you won beautiful coils will do the job. Besides, never underestimate your own perception of style, realize your bravest ideas through extravagant curly hair updos.