Best Ideas For Natural Hair Ponytails

Ponytails are not only easy and casual updo styles, but they are also awesome. No doubt,we all know the easy p-tails from the early childhood, cause they are really on-the-go styles one can style pretty quickly. However, there is a way to get more of your beloved easy style once you know some little tricks. For example, this season the casual ponytail can be updated with a simple velvet ribbon (the one spotted at Tory Burch FW17 sow in New York) and look fantastic. Above all, forget about the colorful ribbons out of 90’s. Nowadays you need to wrap a strand of hair around the tail to make it look perfect. As for natural hair ponytails, there are various things we see trendy. On the one hand, it is extremely curly high pony styles, that are actually called puffs. On the other hand we see straightened tresses styled in low buns and tails. So it is up to you which way to go.

High curly puff ponytails for black women

natural hair curly ponytails
big high tail
sky high curly ponytail for natural hair
naturally curly updos

The extra curly updo is the basic look for any natural hair owner. You stretch hair and fix it quite high on the top leaving the curl out playfully. The styles is nice and never out of fashion. It is easy to make and always can look appropriate for a cocktail if you add earring and soft evening makeup.

Curly low ponytails

natural hair low ponytail
low curly pony
casual low ponytails for natural hair
cute casual ponytail for black girls

The images above perfectly depict how the same hairstyle can look quite different. The first lady has very distinct make up and her low curly ponytail is sleeked to head and well styled. Meanwhile the same hairstyle, on the girl looks casual and it is cool for wearing every day.

Straight natural hair ponytails

Rihanna low ponytail hairstyles
high sleek ponytails for natural hair
high sleek ponytail extension
black women high curly ponytails
curly ponytail extensions for black women

Above curls, there are straight styles. Everybody know the famous low ponytail of Rihanna based on natural hair. By he way, we are no talking about own hair only. Why not to consider using extensions? especially if you have shorter hair. It is versatile and cool to appear with extra long natural hair ponytails.

Bubble ponytail ideas for natural hair

black women braided ponytail hairstyles
unique natural hair ponytail

Finally, consider this exquisite hairstyle created on natural hair base. Bubble tails always look peculiar and unique. In a word, you can take advantage of your hair thickness and convert it into a benefit.