Smashing Black Men Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Black men and dreadlocks hairstyles are the two inseparable things. Indeed, this protective style is best of all fitting black guys. The face features, the scalp shape and many other parameters can prove that. They look authentic and rooty. Of course, there are many white guys wearing dreads and they do look cool too. But there is something more than just a hairstyles when we come to black men. In first place, we are talking about long styles. To get such an incredible look, you will have to obtain patience with growing out the mane. Then you will need to go through the long lasting process of styling. First combing back, twisting, then palming. And all this with each single strand. Afraid? Well, it will require some sacrifice, but instead you will get the fab black men dreadlocks that will guarantee you the best looks.

Dreads updos for black guys

bun from dreads
updos from protective hairstyles
high male bun out of dreads

The good thing about long hair is that it can be styled in different ways. Of course, there are some complexities connected with styling and care procedure, you know how much effort it may take. The advantage, is that dreads live their own live for some time, even practically without care. Finally, you can create buns and half updos too. The updo hairstyles for men have become quite popular in the recent times. So don’t miss your chance!

Short dreadlocks hairstyles

black men short dreadlocks

While we are talking about black men long dreads, I also want to turn your attention to shorter hairstyles – bob cuts in this very case. Bob hairstyles for men are quite wide spread now that bob lives its triumph. So black men can’t be left out of the feast. And here we see a black guy with short dreads and very stylish outfit. Apparently, this is a worthy look to try.

Long black men dreadlocks

mid length dreads
long black locs
undercut dreadlocks
cool black men dreadlocks

Above pictures represent spectacular black men dreadlocks. The perfect length of slightly passing the medium gives you opportunity both to wear hair loose and to create updos. Well, black guys and dreads are meant for each other, there is no doubt about it.