Enjoy The Look With Black Men Short Afro Hairstyles

What can be more impressive than black men short afro hairstyles? Well, many things. You know there are dreads and other locs that are really fascinating. But not all the man can afford wearing long mane. It requires efforts, money and time. Besides, it is not always very business style look. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, it is so manly to hair short haircuts, that you can hardly argue with it. In case of black men and their highly curly hair texture, very short afros are very appropriate way to wear the coils. Some celebrities also can prove. Just scroll down to see some ideas from fade cuts and undercuts, to simple short fros.

Celebrity short afro cuts

Usher short afro hair
Usher short afro hair
male celebrity short hair

The style of some celebrities is determined with their hair looks. For example, take Usher. For so many years we see him on stage and adore his wonderful dancing skills. But have you ever thought if his hairstyles? hey are never changing. The same gradual fade cut with very short natural curls. And Usher is not the only one, for sure.

Black men short afro hairstyles and beards

beards with short natural hair
black men natural short curls

The modern trend of lumbersexual looks is not for vikings only. Black guys can perfectly boast the undercut together with a stylish beard. Not very thin and not very dense too. This combination is definitely the look of the current season, and next year will also sport it.

Undercuts short hairstyles for men

undercuts styles for men
street style undercut hairstyles for men
curly afro for men

Actually, undercut hairstyles can be of various types. You can have sides very short, even shaved, and they can be left a bit longer. Also mind the top part. Very short styles are opposed to slightly longer variants, where the curly texture is more vivid. Black men short afro hairstyles can be created on any base, it all depends on your preferences and style.

Fade afro haircuts

layered fade for black men
black guys short fade afros
male fade haircuts

By the way, note that you can always upgrade your image with patterned sides. A couple of straight and distinct lines, or some intricate design will jazz up your look. Also you can shave the line of partying, thus also adding some personal note.