Whimsical Senegalese Twists Hairstyles 2017

Looking forward to what protective hairstyles you can wear next year? Well, the choice is wide as always and it all depends on your preferences. Today we will turn our eyes on Senegalese twists hairstyles 2017 can bring towards us. This is an old good style indeed. However, there are hundreds of ways to update it and make look in accordance with current hair tendencies. As for the coming seasons, the trends will be on the side of natural looks. So even if you want to update the statement¬†protective braids with some bright color, make sure it is not very artificial. There are some techniques for that like balayage highlighting, than ensures the smooth transition. Well, let’s get to some pictures now that will inspire you for your next protective hair look.

Street style Senegalese twists

long twists from street style looks
black women protective twist braids

With loose twists and locs you can have numerous options. You can play with your extensions in first play. That is to say, choose the texture you like. Matte not shiny yarn braids or human natural mane? Or maybe the popular synthetic extensions. Each of them will add you uniqueness. Combined with the size of twists you will the hair look hat nobody else has.

Long impressive Senegalese twists hairstyles 2017

impressive smooth long twisted locs
glossy black women twists hair
kinky Senegalese twists 2017

Strangely enough, Senegalese twists hairstyles 2017 are mostly represented with long tresses. Obviously, the twist is better seen on such impressing length. In any case, the truth is that with box braids we see bob styles that are not common with twists and sisterlocks. By the way, the above pictures perfectly show off the difference in twists provided by the choice of extensions. Matte or glossy? Yo decide, just make sure your new hairstyle is not very heavy to put too much stress on your head.

Protective Senegalese braids for black women

long black twists
micro twists hairstyles

As mentioned before, you can choose also the size of your locs. Big kinky ones are impressive. Meanwhile, small ones look more like your natural hair giving the visual illusion of common black tresses. Actually, there is no need to worry about it so much. These are the hairstyles that make statement and are worthy trying in any color solution.