Trendy Short Sisterlocks Hairstyles Ideas for 2017

Looking for some smart hairstyle to change your image? You are in the right place to find out some catchy ideas on short sisterlocks hairstyles 2017. Why should they be popular? Obviously, cause they are cool. Well, this can’t be the only reason. First of all, it is about length. Short natural hair has become quite popular recently and we are very happy about it. Besides, there there is the bob cuts factor that continue to win men and women all around the world. Above all, sisterlocks are perfect low maintenance protective hairstyles. For two decades now these styles are rocking the trends and every time they are more awesome than before. For sure, the process of their creation is horribly long and exhausting. But the result is worthy the tortures. Actually, you get very tiny dreads that are as functional as natural relaxed hair is. Apparently, there is no space for doubts, you just need to look through some pictures and make an appointment with hair stylist.

Very short sisterlocks

extra short sisterlocks hairstyles
very short locs
middle part short sisterlocks hairstyles
center parted short sisterlocks

Runway shows for 2017 have demonstrated many short afro hairstyles. Thus, setting the definite trend for black women short hair. Going ahead of catwalks, women already are wearing very short sisterlocks hairstyles 2017. And they look damn cool! You can try to make a center or deep side parting for some special occasion. And also add hair accessories like jewel pins for creating romantic hairstyles for the coming Valentine’s day.

Cute short sisterlocks hairstyles 2017

summer short sisterlocks hairstyles
tiny locs for summer
cool short sisterlocks hairstyles
colorful short protective hairstyles

Sisterlocks for black women are considerably young styles. Having originated in 1993, they went viral due to the flexibility of the small strands. Also new technique bring forward new style with colors and highlights, even on the shortest length. The above pictures depict short black locs with brown ends. As you see, a good hair pro will be able to make transitional looks even on quite short length.

Bob hairstyles out of short sisterlocks

bob length short sisterlocks hairstyles
bob hairstyles for black women
bob hairstyles out of short sisterlocks
mid length sisterlocks

At the end, we come to bob hairstyles for black women. Of course, when this chin length style is so popular, we can’t keep aside. There are many ways to have it on our kinky hair – relaxed hair bob, wigs and extensions, box braids and also sisterlocks. They look indeed quite nice.