The Trends: Black Women Hairstyles 2017

Only a month is left for us to welcome the new year and witness the new hair trends 2017 take the leadership. Of course, everything is already announced and mainly we know what is waiting for us ahead. The core conception for the tendencies is the naturalness. So no matter what you choose, you should make it look like your own inborn hair and texture and style, fitting your life style and vision. Well, you may think that there is only one way to reach this goal – wear the original hair without any alterations. Obvious, you are not that right. The secret on making whatever style you choose look natural. Below you will find  a gallery with trends for black women hairstyles 2017. That will help you understand in what direction to move on.

Black women short curly afros

curly and short afro hair
curly afro with headband

Runways with designer collections for the coming spring-summer season were full of black models more than ever. Of course, some boast braids, the other wigs with straight hair. But the vast majority represented natural short afro hairstyles. And this is beautiful hair ideas for black women hairstyles 2017.

Extra short black women hairstyles 2017

very short afros

This tendency means there is no need to style hair for hours and spend so much efforts on it. All you need to do is cut hair very short and leave the curls do the rest of the job.

Colorful afro cuts

red short curly hairstyles for black women

Actually, it is not necessary to wear black and dull hair color. You can always jazz up your look with a vibrant color, be it red or green. Platinum blonde short afros are particularly popular nowadays.

Bob cuts out of protective hairstyles

box braids bob cuts

With this crazy popularity of bob hairstyles, apparently we can’t keep aside and not enjoy these pop cuts. So there are two way to do it. Either create the bob on relaxed hair or use wigs. The second option is take a chance to create protective hairstyle with bob hair length. This will be a most impressive idea.

Long Senegalese twists 

protective hairstyles of significant length

Long protective styles are also trendy. Simply because they are very natural for black women. You can hardly imagine your life without turning to Marley and Senegalese twist, small and big jumbo braids form time to time.

High bun hairstyles trends

Marley twists bun

Updos out of extensions is definitely one of the most trendy black women hairstyles 2017. This is the look that we are most likely to wear to work every day, and to a special party. And to date also.

Black women dreadlocks hairstyles 2017

long authentic female dreads
black women dreadlocks

Finally, a most authentic loo for black ladies – the long dreadlocks. With these styles you are sure to look on-trend and underline your individuality.