Top 6 Fabulous Black Models With Natural Hairstyles 2017

It’s been a tough way for black models to get where they appear now. Just a couple of years ago all were complaining about constant hair stretching stressful procedures. And only some brave models dared to come out with their inborn hair texture. It was in 2015 Victoria’s Secret show that for the first time represented model Maria Borges with her short afro cut. The models used to wear wigs and relaxed hair for years, when suddenly a game-changing look of hers set new rules. There are some new models on the stage that little by little allow themselves to tell that they are tired of apologizing for being black. And there are models that keep on rocking afro hairstyles for over years now. Once again they come to prove that black models natural hairstyles 2017 will be the definite trend this time.

Below you will find the top black models of our times representing their natural hair in short afros and long curls.

#1 Imaan Hammam curls

Imaan Hammam natural black curly hairstyles 2017
curly hair casual pony
Imaan Hammam natural black hairstyles 2017
natural black curly hair

This Dutch model was among the first to show off her natural curls. Until now she is still wearing mid length curly hairstyles. And almost never goes for straight hair and wigs.

#2 Maria Borges black models natural hairstyles 2017

Maria Borges natural black hairstyles 2017
natural afro

This is her! The model that  used to have long relaxed hair to make a perfect base for hair stylist to create their unique styles. This is her that appeared on the top lingerie runway with afro style for the first time. Black models natural hairstyles 2017 own a lot to her indeed.

#3 Lineisy Montero fade afro

Lineisy Montero natural black hairstyles 2017
inborn hair texture

Runway beauty from Dominica has worked for many fashion houses. And she managed to keep perfect balance between her natural hair and ultra trendy new looks.

#4 Karly Loyce natural hair

Karly Loyce natural black hairstyles 2017
bif ‘fro

Another model among those who dare rock their authentic curly hair. Not very short, but absolutely afro style she is wearing can be an inspiration for many of us.

#5 Nykhor Paul extra short hairdo

Nykhor Paul Natural Hairstyles 2017
short hair

The black model of Sudanese origins wears not juts a short afro, but very short crop cut style, where almost no hair is seen at all.

#6 Ajak Deng short coils

Ajak Deng natural black hairstyles 2017
short afro

This is the model that not only wears a short ‘fro, but also manages to play with it. Once she even dyed it to platinum blonde color. Once again proving that natural hair rocks!