The Best Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Some of of the most common updos are quite casual and easy done hairstyles that we can wear each day. However, this can be very tiring too. One day you may wake up and think that you are done with those easy ponytails, and you will seek for some updo hairstyles for black women that will make your day. No matter whether you have protective hairstyle now, transitioning hair, or natural curls, there are very many variants you can try to recreate. Even the simple ponytail when styled professionally will make you look like a princess. Below you will find some of the best ideas for creating updos on the base of your locs, twists or relaxed hair.

Braided ponytails

Beyonce high braided ponytails
braided ponytail updo hairstyles for black women
high braided pony

You can take your regular tail to all new level once you learn to braid it. Note that such high solid braid can be styled on natural and relaxed hair, as well as on micro box braids. Queen Bey knows how to get a simple hairstyle look this much stylish. Actually, all we need to do is to follow her look.

Black women top knots

natural hair top knot updo hairstyles for black women
curly hair top knot
high top knot updo hairstyles for black women
sleek high knot

To knots, sumo knots, buns and however we call them are the most amazing updos for any hair type and length. Indeed, top knots look fantastic, they are very easy to create and you can alays find the right look for any occasion. You curly hair styled in a casual bun for every day will be fine. But for a special even you can recreate a polished sumo knot.

Twisted updo hairstyles for black women

twisted updo hairstyles for black women
natural hair updo
Janelle Monae front pompadour hairstyle
Janelle Monae pompadour

Natural hair is indeed a good base for updo hairstyles for black women. It is thick dense and string. That is why various complicated styles are possible. For example, take the front hairdo of Janelle. It is actually a pompadour, but styled so masterfully that looks like a unique solution never implemented before.

Bun hairstyles for black ladies

black women updo hairstyles with bangs
polished bun with bangs
Tyra Banks high bun updo hairstyles for black women
Tyra Banks exquisite updo
low bun hairstyles for black women
natural hair low bun

Finally, there is a greatest variety of bun hairstyles for any occasion. Middle and high, low and side buns will become you best friends in your daily hair styling. Some are not easy to style, meanwhile the others will take a couple of minutes to convert you into a princess.