Showy Black Women Party Hairstyles 2017

Now that we are all awaiting for the coming holidays, it is time to discuss black women party hairstyles 2017. Yes, the Christmas and New Year are almost here and there is no doubt that ladies already start to think about their looks. For these holidays there are two things to consider – whether you are going out for a one night party, or go somewhere for the whole couple of weeks. Actually, if it just the Christmas party you will have to put efforts creating very complicated showy updo hairstyles. Meanwhile, in the other case you need to shift between easy styles, cute and effortless.

Short afro hairstyles for party looks

afro short cuts
natural afro with headscarf for party look
side swept natural curly party hairstyles

You should agree that one of the best ways is going natural. Actually, for a black lady that is always wearing some protective style, sudden change to rooty look will be a good choice for X-mas. On the whole, there many ways to update you afro hair – use headscarves, add jewel pieces, or headbands, make a deep side partying.

Natural hair party hair ideas

natural hair updos
black women sufficient updo hairstyles
side twist for party hairstyles

For black ladies that are wearing their natural tresses relaxed or no, there are a bunch of cute party updos that you can try. Just make sure here to create very definite lines when pulling hair into initial ponytails. Then, once the base is done, you can create whatever you want. Sometimes even the short hair afro puff will look festive enough. In other case some more complicated updo will fit more.

Black women party hairstyles 2017

protective updos for cocktails
twists updos for part hair

Black women party hairstyles 2017 will offer you even wider choice of looks if you already have protective base like box braids or twists. Actually, the simple bun can look impressive enough if you manage to combine it with some smart red lipstick shade.

Exquisite black updos for party

celebrity braided bun hairstyles
slicked updo party hairstyles

For sleek hair extensions, or relaxed and straightened hair, consider the above hairstyles. Beyonce and Tyra Banks boast the high bun hair. But not a simple one, it is a braided bun very high and a front one. For black ladies a very classy and elegant sleeked high ponytails will be a good easy yet jazzy style to got for these holidays.