Short Blonde Afro Hairstyles For An Extravagant Look

The inborn dark hair colors are the most common for black women. Though we often turn our eyes on various colorful hairstyles, quite often we stick to either the natural black, or perhaps use some other shades of dark. However, you can go blonde. Yes a real and very trendy platinum hair hues will definitely suit you. How comes? Easily! To get an extravagant look short blonde afro hairstyles are the best way. You just cut your hair into a shortest cut and then bleach blonde your remaining coils. First, I need to warm you that the look you will get will be jaw dropping. The combination of bleached blonde and short afro is really very eye-catching.

Very short blonde afro styles

black women extra short blonde afros
short blonde afro hairstyles
undercut ice blonde fro

First of all, there are two ways to go – to have a short cut or to have an extra short cut. If you have made up your mind to get rid of your cols a much as possible, the almost bald options are for you. Perhaps, you can even obtain an undercut style, with side very shortly cut while leaving the front a bit longer. This will allow you t show off your new color.

Natural short blonde afro hairstyles

black women blonde hair colors
fierce platinum blonde on black woman

Braids form an inseparable part of black women hairstyles. No matter what trends prompt you can always find space for them. Look at the picture above. The short fierce blonde afro is updated with two side braids, well cornrows, sticking tightly to the scalp. Really impressive look, isn’t it?

Short curly afro and blonde hair colors

lovely short platinum blonde hair
short curly pixie for black women
natural short hair
blonde hair color for black women

Finally, another option is to leave space for your lovely coils to show up. That is to say short blonde afro hairstyles are made on the base of a slightly longer short cut. This will make the curls shown and thus the color you have will also be more revealed.

This was a short review of platinum and bleached blonde colors for black women. These shades or on the peak of popularity nowadays and each woman should know the ways to adopt it. Just choose the most suitable short cut and add the blonde shade you love most of all.