Natural Hair Trends For 2018 From Recent Fashion Weeks

Flying ahead of time, here we are to discuss the possible future trends for natural hairstyles 2018. Though, we still have some seasons to wait, we can already now define the main tendencies. Actually, the fall/winter 2017-2018 fashion weeks in New York, Milan, London and Paris have already determined and shaped the beauty looks that will enter the coming year. What we need to know is that this time great many black models strode the runways of the fashion capitals. Indeed, this fact is amazing. And even more amazing is hat the old standards of beauty seem to be long gone now and we face a completely new reality. Most importantly we love this reality when there is no need to hide natural hair texture and torture the coils for hours with harmful stretching. Finally, we come to the era of naturally curly hairstyles, of long and short length, and even almost bold. Let’s see the runways pictures now.

Black women runway inspired hairstyles

Acne short afro hairstyles 2018
Vanessa Seward black women short afro hairstyles 2018
Vanessa Seward
Elie Saab natural hair trends 2018
Elie Saab

It was only two years ago when young black model Maria Borges changed the rules of the game by appearing with natural short afro at Victoria’s Secret runway. Thanks to her and other fabulous black models hairstyles, we are happy to state that your inborn hair is cool enough for any occasion.

Top trendy natural hairstyles 2018

Nina Ricci black women hairstyles 2018
Nina Ricci
Alexander McQueen black women hairstyles 2018
Alexander McQueen black women hairstyles 2018

As you can see, it is more abut short hairstyles for black women. Indeed, it is quite easy to take care of a tapered fade cut than of long locks. In any case, some designers stick to long hair. But mind that we never see straightened styles on the runway. It is all about natural texture.

Ultimate natural hair trends

Valentino natural curly hairstyles 2018

Relaxed curls is another styles that you need to pay attention to. Of course, there is a long way through transitioning that you will need to go to reach such accurate defined coils. But as you can see it looks authentic and it is damn trendy too.

Christian Dior beret hat for natural short hair 2018
Christian Dior
Haider Ackerman short natural hairstyles 2018
Haider Ackerman

Among short afros some stand out with their extreme short length. For natural hairstyles 2018 this seems to be a major trend. Almost shaved sides, and slightly longer front part will determine new tendencies in black women hair styling world.