Runway Inspired Black Hair Trends 2017

Fashion weeks and couture shows turn out to be a good inspirational source for some new ideas on black hair trends 2017. Well, we already know many things that are going to be popular. Among them are the traditional protective hairstyles of course, and also natural hairstyles. But we never spoke of relaxed hair. So there is some space left to get to know the mainstream looks inspired by black models runway hairstyles and make up solutions. Before we get to see the pictures, I have to mention that trends indeed sport natural looks, from short afro to long natural coils.

Natural curly hairstyles

curly black natural hair
Imaan Hammam mid length curly hair

There are some black models whose appearance turned put to be game changing. And I am not talking about the glorious Naomi Campbell. For sure, she has done a lot, and she is nothing but fabulous. However, look at the above model Imaan. She wears her natural curly hair. totally natural casual and that is so adorable!

Short natural afro black hair trends 2017

Ajak Deng natural hair
Maria Borges short afro

Another model that really changed a lot in fashion industry for black ladies is Maria Borges. Several years ago she appeared on the catwalk with her inborn hair texture cut into a short afro hairstyle. She declared that the traditional long hair is no longer that essential. And that is not to right for black girls to suffer the procedure of hair straightening and adding extensions. Her struggle leaded to a mainstream black hair trends 2017 of short natural hairstyles.

Loose relaxed hairstyles

relaxed hair

Meanwhile we are all amazed at short coils being so widely popular, runways still introduce us very cute thoughts on relaxed hair. Actually, it is obligatory to leave hair loose from time to time. So why not have a gorgeous look at those periods?

Black women low ponytails

Joann Smalls side parted ponytail
middle part black women hairstyles

Black women face shape and features are unique. Any hairstyle can fit them. Above you see low ponytails, sleek and straight and very elegant. And they look amazing on Joan Smalls, the world famous British model.

Retro bouffant hairstyles for black women

black updos

Among new updo hairstyles for black women, I fund this retro bouffant styles. Actually you would think they fit only white girls with headscarves and appropriate accessories. But as w=you see they are awesome for black ladies too.