Quann Sisters Inspirational Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

The most famous bloggers of our times are so famous not only due to their writing talents but also for their looks. They are the very source of inspirational natural hairstyles for black women. Cipriana has been growing out her natural locs for more than 6 years now, while her sister has been doing it for around twelve years now. And they never want to go for protective locs and braids. Quite often we may thing that such huge mane will be extremely heavy so wearing these styles will be stressful. But sisters confess that even though hair care is definitely a significant routine, in reality hair is quite lights, even as light as feather. And yes, this all is their own hair, no extensions and wigs! Phew, this must be awesome to be able to grow out such long in born hair strands! Well, your naturalista will always guide you through the process, you just need to be ready to go through all the required procedures. Natural hair rocks and you can easily achieve the looks!

Huge natural hair mane

Quann Sisters Natural Updo Hairstyles
side updos
Quann Sisters Natural Street Style Hairstyles
street style

Sisters definitely have styles that resemble each other, but in reality they are all different. Actually, all depends on texture and density.  The key word here is perhaps the density. And it refers no to the whole hair, but to the density of strand. It is an inborn feature whether each strand of our natural curls is very big and dense or is tiny and small.

Loose natural hairstyles for black women

Quann Sisters Natural Long Hairstyles
photoshoot hairstyles
Quann Sisters Natural Hairstyles 2017
long loose natural hair

Natural hairstyles for black women represented by the Quann sisters really worth attention and also adoration. Significant length, kinky texture, authentic black color – these are the essential criteria that will make your hair look rooty as it should be. However, I have mentioned above and I will tell again – be ready for hair care routine. Even one morning without proper care may result in dizzy unruly mane, that will not look healthy at all.

Elegant hairstyles out of natural black hair

Quann Sisters Huge Natural Hairstyles
beehive natural locs
Quann Sisters Elegant Natural Hairstyles
elegant natural hairstyles

Sometimes when we refer to natural coils, we think that they are casual, maybe not enough mature. However, the famous sisters have found a way to make their hair look elegant. One of them almost always wears it loose and for elegance makes a French side braid. The other goes for huge side twists. Accompanied with appropriate dresses, you will get the must fab look of your live.