Fresh Ideas On Natural Curly Short Hairstyles 2017

Thinking about new image for the new season? Well, I can say that it is high time to discuss some jazzy hairstyles for black women already now. What do we know so far? First of all, we definitely know that natural looks will be on-trend. This implies protective hairstyles that are very common for black ladies and look always very authentic. They underline very origins we bear. Secondly, there are the afro hairstyles – both short and long. But as far as we need functional hairstyles in this epoch of highly business loads taking away all our time, we better stick to shorter style. So there are very short afro hairstyles on the one hand. And natural curly short hairstyles 2017 that are more of medium length huge coils. We will concentrate on them today.

Colorful natural curls

reddish coils
deep red color curly hairstyles
afro curls with highlights

Your natural curly short hairstyles 2017 can’t be boring. There are several ways to avoid it. Of course you can wear some crazy color, or you can invent new things. However, one of the best ways is adding highlights. Any hair color becomes fresher when there are some strands of close color or of brightest shades. With curly hair highlighted strands look even better, mixing into each other.

Cool natural curly short hairstyles 2017

huge curls
violet ombre short curly hairstyles
stylish curly natural hair

You know, wearing the hair texture that was given by the mother nature is really cool. There was time that afros and natural curls were not welcomed and we were obliged to straighten hair. Thank goodness, on the contrary nowadays we can add curly and afro extensions to get frochet hairstyle – the afro crochet. Actually, curls are always popular and nice. They look flirty and men really love them. The most important question here is to choose the right length to fit your face features.

Cool short curly hairstyles for black women

black women curly hair
natural short curly hair

No doubt, the above pictures should inspire you to get the natural look this time. I can only say that of course taking care of the curly hair texture is not easy, but this short length up to chin or shoulders makes it far easier than you imagine now. So leave the braids aside, and go get your next curly hair look now.