Trending: Natural Afro Hairstyles 2017

This is it! The time to wear natural afro hairstyles 2017! Yes, through many many years of struggling, the recent runways finally were flooded with black models wearing their dizzy curly hair. Well, I don’t mean that you should era the coils non-styled and untidy. No, the hair care is the priority task when you want to go natural. Actually daily procedures with feeding head skin with oil and fluent appropriate care of coils will become the inseparable part of your daily routine. Yes, it may sound scary, you may think now that better go for protective hairstyles. But wait a second! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to wear the hair that was given to you y nature? And look awesome!

For sure, we are not talking about long hairstyles. Taking care of long unruly strands will be devastating. Bur short and mid length afro hair is nit just good, it is spectacular. Let’s see below some photos and you will believe me.

Black girls rocking natural hair

curly and flirty hair
black women afro hairstyles 2017
black women natural curly hair

Unbelievable pictures, right? This is how you can look once you decide to go on with natural afro hairstyles 2017. Ladies in the pictures look fantastic. Mind that none is wearing long mane. Obviously, the most optimal length is medium. When they still allow some movement but don’t get on your nerves so much.

Kids with afro hairstyles

kids lovely coils

This is perhaps the most adorable scene ever! Look how cute are these young girls. How coquette and how nice their natural curls are! Definitely, the inborn coils are the best option for kids too. Well, braided hair is also fine. But you know how much it stresses the scalp. So if you feel sure to have time to take care if your girl’s hair, then go for coils.

Trendy short natural afro hairstyles 2017

short and dizzy afro hair
cool natural hair

At the end, here are some pictures of short afro hairstyles. Going short ha always implied some psychological barriers for women. We always have to overcome the attention we may get. Though we are living in 21st century, there still remain some prejudices. And a woman short stylish cut may seem to independent and confident and gorgeous. There is no doubt, it is worth trying.