Various Ways To Wear Marley Twists Hairstyles In 2017 Spring

Marley braids or twists (call them as you like) are one of the most popular protective hairstyles for black women. And this must have its reason. At first sight we can definitely state one thing – they do look awesome. Meaning that they look quite natural. Although we all know they are extensions they are the styles that look like dreads done with own hair. Another advantage of these kinky twists is that they require very little length of own hair. So if you grow out just one inch, it will be enough to add the extensions. Also you are free to choose which way you want to style you Marley twists hairstyles 2017 spring. You have many options from long to short locs, from big to small strands. Also you can play with colors.  I would advice not to go too drastic to follow current trends. Better stick to a shade of sunburnt light brown that will look natural enough.

Updos out of Marley braids

updo Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
protective updos
half updo Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
half up half down twists
messy updo Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
Marley braids messy updos

Looking as authentic as possible, Marley braids are a good base to create updos. As always buns are the most common updos for protective styles. But you can also take your chance to style popular half up half down knots and messy knots too. Half updos are a good way to show the length and texture you are wearing, yet take some strands away from face.

Long Marley Twists Hairstyles 2017 Spring

black Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
big jumbo twists
long sleek Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
glossy twisted strands
long Marley Twists hairstyles
black women long Marley twists

To create such amazing Marley twists hairstyles 2017 spring for sure you can go to hair stylist and spend money on that. Another option is that you come to learn to make them yourself. I don;t promise that at the very first time you will get the perfect result, but some practice will always bring to good comeout. However, there is one thing you also need to know – styling will take several hours. Really up to ten hours depending on the number and density of strands you want. So get some patience.

Kinky Marley braids to try

impressive Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
long locs
kinky Marley Twists hairstyles 2017 Spring
kinky Marley braids

Protective hairstyles are very popular nowadays and you can fi d the ones you want n the nearby shop, or order online via many eshops that we now have. But better go for trusted vendors to receive quality extensions.