5 Hottest Hair Colors for Box Braids in 2017

New year, new seasons, new expectations and inspirations! For many of us it will mean a new start in life, a closed page and brand new beginning in life. There will be many serious decisions ahead. But most important right now is to give a new start with a new look. The easiest way to achieve a game-changing appearance that will lead you through all the surprises of this year is a cool fresh hairstyle. Before getting closer to this very topic, remember that hair trends 2017 stand for naturalness in looks. Of course, you can always go rebel and drastic. But the mainstream tendencies will be those with natural hair colors and styles. Actually, the shortest way is to get a new hair color for your locs. Which are the hottest box braids natural hair colors 2017? We will know it reading this article.

#1 silver and grey extensions

silver grey box braids harstyles 2017
moonlit silver hair

It may seem strange how gray shades have gained so much popularity, but let us deal with facts. Now we silver as a most popular trend. Actually, it is quite natral that people grow older and hair shade changes. Perhaps this real life cycle is the inspiration for the moon hair shades.

#2 blonde box braids

blonde box braids harstyles 2017
white and blonde extensions

Even though we can’t actually state that blonde and platinum hair colors are so very authentic for black women, unless you are an albino. But we ca firm;y state that blonde looks cool and is worthy the popularity it has.

#3 brown hair colors for braids

brown box braids harstyles 2017
warm brown shades

Yielding its position to black hair colors only, brown is the most often chosen color among black women. Well, the mocca skin tone and all possible shades of brown make really nice combination. From espresso coffee to latte, from caramel to honey, the tones of brown box braids natural hair colors 2017 are many!

#4 red hair hues for protective hairstyles

red box braids harstyles 2017
vivid red colors

Here we come to a color that is quite capricious. Red always requires much care and attention, as well as it attracts eyes too. There are lighter and darker shades, from copper to mahogany, and you can always find the shade that will work fine for you

#5 highlights for box braids natural hair colors 2017

highlights for box braids harstyles 2017
box braids with highlights

At last but not at least, consider highlights! If you love the authentic black color that mother nature gave you, jazz up your locs with highlighted strands. Just a couple of blonde locs, or transitional ombre style will make you look impressive enough for this spring summer 2017 seasons.