Frochet: Popular Afro Crochet Braids

Amazing natural afro hairstyles are not always that very natural. Sometimes we do not like to grow out our own coils and struggle with all the styling procedures. Still we do want to have the natural afro style. What to do in this case? The solution is found! Go for frochet hairstyles! You don;t know what t is, no worries. The popular afro crochet braids are the well known afro style hair extensions plaited to you roots with crochet technique. As a result, you get the most natural hair ever. Intrigued? Well, let me show you some cool looks with such frochet extensions and wigs, so that you get inspired.

Mid length frochet hairstyles for black women

frochet of middle length
afro crochet medium length
amazing medium afro crochet braids
cute frochet hair

No doubt, you are free to decide on your own what length to choose for your new frochet. However, I am here to help you decide. What if you try medium length curls? Shoulder length hair is highly functional and suitable for all kind of hairstyles. Actually, you will boast your downdos as much as updos. Eventually, if compared to long extensions, of course you will need less time on care and styling.

Short afro crochet braids hairstyles

short frochet braids
frochet for black women
afro crochet short hair wig

Usually ladies that are busy all the day long at work or with family, need some jazzy haircuts that do not interfere with their daily duties. Short haircuts will best of all fit the women who do not have the time for spending it on hair. Short wigs or extensions will make you absolutely forget about styling for a while.

Red color frochet hairstyles

huge red frochet
red color afro braids

Afro crochet braids are indeed very impressive. Even with the dullest brown-grey color they look fantastic. Now imagine using deep red color extensions? Won’t it be fabulous? You will have the very jawdropping style ever.

Hypehair afro

frochet hair for black women
afro crochet

Actually, when you decide to go for afro extensions, you have to know that most probably you will get hypehair. It means that you will have to deal with enormous mane each single day, that for sure implies some difficulties. This is just for you to know what you will need to face. On the whole, afro crochet is nice and cute!