Fresh Ideas For Natural Hair Tapered Cuts 2017

Short hair can be sensual, attractive and rebel! Although till now many consider short air to be daring and inappropriate for ladies, we see how black women rock natural coils and short afro cuts, and simply adore them. It is not only about style underlining and exposing your character and individuality, bit it is also about easiness, time and efforts saving. Short black fros look nice and save you a lot of time you usually need to style long relaxed hair or long natural curls. Among many various designs, natural hair tapered haircuts 2017 stand out with their unique relaxed style and effortless looks. You don’t need to plait braids or twists, to use hair relaxer. You just wake up wash you head, apply your fav hair softener and ready!

Classy taper cuts for black women with natural hair

street style natural short hairstyles
tapered natural coils
taper cut for natural coils 2017
huge curly hair with short sides

First of all, let’s understand what is a tapered cut. Actually, it is that very hairstyles for men that is extremely popular. So it is short sides and nape and longer front. This long front part will allow you creating various styles – a bit of bouffant, a pompadour, or simply relaxed curls.

Short curly tapered styles

short natural hair taper cuts 2017
taper cut for black women
black women taper hairstyles 2017
colorful short curly hair

Another thing about short natural hair tapered haircuts 2017 is that you are absolutely free to add color to your curls. Although I would say that short afros look cool with you authentic black color, in any case there is always a way to get more from this life. Get ombre with brown and golden shades, or go for modern crazy colors like platinum blonde. However, mind that you can’t just take your coils and cut the off. A very important role here is given to shaping. This is the technique that will allow you to live in peace meanwhile your cute tapered fro will look cool on its own.

Black women natural hair tapered haircuts 2017

shaved sides taper cuts for natural hair 2017
shaved sides short cuts
black women natural tapered hairstyles 2017
brown short natural hair
black women taper cuts with patterns
black women undercut styles

Finally, ladies, I want to turn you attention toward shaved sides and patterns. This may seem quite risky – and yes it is damn daring – but it will look extra cool to have a couple of thin lines razored through your side to nape. Actually, undercut hairstyles are a separate story that we will consider some day soon too. For now you could get convinced yourself how cool your natural hair can be when masterfully cut.