Fascinating Long Box Braids Hairstyles 2017

The coming year will bring us more natural looks than we have seen before. Among them you will find long box braids hairstyles 2017. Actually, the trends vote for looking as close to natural looks as possible. That is why the fashion weeks black models wore short afro haircuts, or dreadlocks and other protective hairstyles. Indeed, there were times when models with mocca skin and dizzy hair were obliged to wear wigs and straighten hair, that was impossible stress. Nowadays, we are free to boast natural hair – be it a shot ‘fro or extra long locs. Why box braids will be still popular? Well, among the protective styles they always stay aside with the unique style they create. Besides on their base one can design incredible hair looks, not possible even with own hair. Obviously, you need to try getting longest braids during your next visit to your hairstylist. But before that have a look at the below inspirational collection of black women rocking extra long extensions.

Long locs updo hairstyles

box braids high ponytail
half up half down braids extensions

Love to be in the course of tendencies to follow the recent trends? You can not only love but also do it. Long locs will allow you to create the hit of the past summer and of the coming season – half updos. This is the style that will allow you take hair away from face. And also will still show off the length and the glossy and healthy strands. Besides, be creative and go further with ponytails, French braids and some very complicated updos. The extreme length makes it all possible.

Long box braids with cool beads

long locs and beads
sleek long hairstyles for black women
cool black braids

What can look even more impressive than long box braids hairstyles 2017? Waring them with beads. Yes the traditional method of adding the metallic, silver or colorful beads will always make you look more jazzy.

Extra long box braids hairstyles 2017

very long braids
extremely long jumbo braids
black women long protective hairstyles

Well, the looks with locs of premium length are for sure awesome. But you must bare in mind that you will require time to spend on care. Nobody will like jumbo braids that are not shining with health. So be ready that each night oiling roots and washing these long strands twice a week will take your time. But you know that beauty demands sacrifice.