Cute & Trendy Short Afro Hairstyles

Wearing natural curls short is not a new thing on the fashion world. Well, there were times when going to work to some office with authentic black women afro hair was kind of dangerous. Thank goodness, nowadays w have already overcome and won all these prejudice things. And we are free to boast the texture given us by the mother nature. Besides recent fashion weeks introduced so many models with short afro hairstyles, that we have no room to doubt their popularity now. Cool short cuts are a matter of a brave woman. For sure, you need to have the courage to wear hair that short. However, once you dare you will fall in love with trendy short afros once and forever.

Curly short haircuts for black ladies

natural short hair
adorable short afros
jazzy short afro

Wearing your coils with the texture they have has some benefits. First of all, short hair is easy maintain. Besides, you do not need styling at all. But what you need is a smart pro hairstylist. Cutting natural coils is not as easy as it may seem. Everything should be done very accurately cause each coil has the tendency to act on its own. So fixing all the small rings into one whole look will definitely require good skills.

Forever cool short afro hairstyles

cool curly fro
black women short afro hair

Short afro hairstyles are taken to new heights nowadays. Some years ago one of the black models went onto the runway with natural afro. This was the start of the triumphant way of these short haircuts for black women. The model was Maria Borges. She announced the beginning of the new step.

short and curly hair
easy short afro cuts

Well, short hair is easy to manage. But nobody says you will forget about hair care at all. The dizzy original texture of the black hair will not be gone with the new cut. So you will need to have all the hair care products to always have the shiny coils.

Street style short naturally curly hairstyles

short afro
street style natural curly pixie cuts
afro hairstyles short and curly

My beloved places to look for some hairspiration are the streets. Fortunately, black women hairstyles are all around whenever I look out and the inspiration comes by itself. Short classy pixie cuts, fades and shaved sides undercut hair is only one part among the various designs for short afro hairstyles.