Cute Short Afro Hairstyles With Headband

Even with the modern tendencies allowing women to boast any length hair, many people still stick to long hairstyles. They do it just because short hair never gives so many opportunities to style hair in different ways. Well this is what they think. But what we have in reality are the cute short afro hairstyles with headband that can become a good option for altering looks each day. You only need to learn to deal with them. Head scarves and headbands can be of many designs from small bows to huge cloths wrapped around head. Today we will consider tiny headbands that make a lady look very playful and nice.

Natural short curls with bow headscarves

black women short curls with red headband
short blonde afro hair and head bows
short afro with bow headband

First of all, let’s pay attention to headbands colors. Depending on what image yo want to achieve and where you are going you have to be smart with colors on your head. So red will be appropriate for a date. Actually red and natural hair black color make a very distinguished couple together. Subtle blueish colors will look good if you have blonde short afro.

Cute short afro hairstyles with headband

headbands for black women
headscarves for natural short hair
natural short afro with headband

One of my favorite way to wear scarves is the bow. You just wrap it around your head and fix in a bow. Or well, there are bows being sold nowadays, so you can buy a ready nice bow. Another thing about hair accessories is their functionality. Short afro hairstyles with headband is a good way to conceal bad hair days. There are always days in any girl’s life when hair seems to live their own life. In this case you just fix the cloth band and that’s it.

Natural short curls with cute head scarves and headbands

short black afro with cloth headband
cute black coils with nice hair accessories
braided headband for short curls

Finally, headbands are not necessarily need to be of cloth. You can use a jewel head piece, of course in an appropriate place and time. And also you can have the front strand twisted or braided. Thus you will create a a natural headband that will look fantastic and will give you freedom of not worrying about hair and headband. In a word, short curls and bright headbands are meant for each other.