Curly Natural Hair Undercut Hairstyles 2017

Natural curly hairstyles are nothing but lovely. Though they can be quite hard to manage and style, they do look cute. In any case, from time to time you may get tired of the same look every day. So what can you do? There are many ways indeed. Going for protective hairstyles is one option. Or dyeing hair, natural coils of various colors will look cute. However, the coming trends will support only natural looks. This is why I have another option for you today – undercut hairstyles 2017 for your natural curly hair texture. There is nothing better than boasting your original dizzy coils and add shaved sides and nape, and even pattern. Well, female undercuts are quite new in fashion world, but they are also very quick to win auditorium.

Female undercut styles with curly natural hair

Curly coils with crop cut sides
natural curly hair and undercut
long curly mane undercut hairstyles

Depending on how much nerve you have, you are free to choose the length. Long curly mane is unforgettable. Shave sides and just rock it without any additional things. Meanwhile, short cuts with inborn curls are also a good base for female undercuts.

Nape patterns undercut hairstyles 2017

cute shaved pattern for black women
female curly hair undercut styles
natural hair updos for undercuts

When it comes to undercut hairstyles 2017, we are not referring to simply shaved sides, or half shaved head hairstyles. We are referring t art pf creating various designs on almost shaved nape. Patterns vary from simple straight line to most complicated adornments like flowers. This is definitely a good way to show off yourself and underline your best features. Designs created on the nape are also expressing your individuality and your own style. Another good thing is that if you leave your curls loose, or won’t be seen at all. And once you make a casual bun, you will much more than a simple updo.

Cool patterned shaved styles for black women hair

flower on the nape
undercut hairstyles for natural hair

Above all, we all need to confess that even though this is quite a daring style, once created it will stay with your for long, Nor only because of being nice, but also functional. Your sides and nape will be completely free of tresses, and that will give you some significant freedom.