Braids Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

Braids Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

Usually when people hear of protective hairstyles they imagine long tresses being plaited or twisted to defend from environment and pollution. Well, it is true but partially. No doubt protective style do preserve hair in good condition and allow tresses grow fast and easy, without getting contaminated. However, they can be short as well as long. Even very short pixies are possible with twist and braids. But today we will take a look at bob length. Simply because they are extremely popular nowadays and it is quite worthy to get to know them. For black women, braids bob hairstyles are the most popular and really amazing. For sure relaxed hair and straightened tresses are no less impressive. But box braided or Marley twisted bobs are beyond any words.

Box braids and bob styles


cool box braids bob
box braids and bob cuts
short braided bob hairstyles with beads

The short hairstyles have become very popular in the recent years. If before women had to torture themselves while dealing and managing long tresses, now finally these days are gone. Any lady can choose on her own what length t wear. And many do prefer bob thanks to its functionality. Very long extensions are difficult to manage each day, while bobs are light and soft and easy.

Black women braids bob hairstyles

cool black braided bob hair

A traditional detail to you newly braided bob are the beads – the metallic rings that look authentic and also stylish nowadays.

colorful bob hairstyles from box braids
box braided colorful bobs

By the way, a very common thing is to choose extension or make the braids of different colors, bold or transitional. Of course, on long hair they are easily performed. But it doesn’t mean that on bob styles they are impossible. Look at the silver braids bob hairstyles or the styles with dark hair colors with highlights.

Cool black bob hairstyles from braids

half up top knots bob haircuts
black women bob styles
braided bob and hats for black women

As I said, bob hair length will arm you many ways of styling, You can make a simple pony. Or the trendy half up top knots that won hearts of girls this summer. Or make yourself look romantic by sweeping and fixing tresses on one side as if creating a long side fringe. For autumn time modern hats will be a nice complement to your braided bob hairstyles.