Black Women Relaxed Hair With Highlights

Wearing relaxed hair all the time is not possible, and the contrary also makes no sense. There is no doubt that protective hairstyles are good and necessary. Indeed, they are cool and very authentic representing the very core of your roots. However, we are women and we are damn changeable. Looking the same every day is not possible for us. That is why we invent new hair looks each time. For black women there is a good way of going to relaxed hair after protective styles. But is it all we can do? Just the boring black color styled straight and sleek? Of course not! Relaxed hair with highlights – this is the most amazing look ever. What you need to do is to choose some additional color to underline your inborn shade and make it more vivid. Black women hair with highlights like ombre looks super nice. And you do not need to linger any more, get to see some ideas now.

Bob hairstyles with highlights for black women

Tyra Banks

Jourdan Dunn

You know how extremely popular are the bob haircuts nowadays. They are simply the very mass trend. To be on the peak of popularity with them you can not only cut the short bob, but go further. I mean that you can use highlights. It can be all length strands of different color. Actually, you can use ombre hair colorung and style hair wavy. This will result in the cutest look like that of model Jourdan Dunn.

Long straight relaxed hair with highlights

straight relaxed hair with highlighting
blonde highlights for black women hair
Joann Smalls

By the way, relaxed hair with highlights looks very impressive on long tresses. The dark base color talks perfectly will with bright caramel highloghts as well s with absolutely blonde strands. In a word, depending on how bold you want to look, you can consider this range.

Black women wavy hair with highlighting

black women wavy hair with highlights
caramel highlights for black hair
Beyonce wavy highlighted hair

At last but not at least here are ideas on black women wavy hair with highlights. Perhaps, ypu will feel tired of curls after wearing natural hair. Well, waves are a different story. You can be tired of curls but creating bouncy Hollywood waves has nothing to do with that. On long tresses with highlights, that will look quite impressive. Finally, ladies, just don]t be afraid of changes. It is our nature.