Black Women Half Shaved Head Hairstyles 2017

How to make protective hairstyles even more functional and easy to maintain? Yet not loosing all their charm and beauty? This is the question that I bet is interesting to all ladies, right? Well, there is one smart solution that will make you look more jazzy and eye-catching – half shaved head hairstyles 2017. For the coming year they will definitely find their place among the hottest hair trends. So you need to get a closer look at them right now. Traditionally shaved hairstyles, shaved or cropped cut sides were meant for men in first place. But little by little the tendency penetrated the women hair fashion industry. Shaved hairstyles will fit any hair texture, any length. And the most impressive looks are really the box braids and other locs absolutely undercut and shaved on sides and nape. Here we go to see some of the best looks.

Updos with half shaved protective hairstyles

high undercut buns
exquisite high buns with shaved sides
half shaved hairstyles for black women

Shaving sides ad nape has some benefits. First of all, it is the look you get. Bold and extravagant, the loo of an independent and stylish woman. Above all, it is very functional and will greatly reduce your hair care procedures. So you will spent less time, less efforts, but will look even better than before. Besides, any traditional updo will convert into a piece of art with undercut hair. A bun, a ponytail will become your fav styles. showing off the sides, yet preserving significant mane on the crown area.

Fabulous half shaved head hairstyles 2017

side swept shaved locs
long undercut box braids

With half shaved head hairstyles 2017 you have much space for your imagination too. On the one hand, you can play with the shaved areas. Make them completely bald, or crop cut. Choose some patterns like lines and stripes. Make you image individual that is only yours. Getting back to benefits, once you leave your locs loose you will get a feminine style. But it won;t lack spirits! Combine with an elegant dress, and you will look like a real lady. Or choose casual outfits to for every day looks.

Impressive half shaved hair for black women

bold half shaved hair
extra long shaved hairstyles

Shaved styles are much more impressive when you have long braids. Indeed, the collision, the combination of the two contradicting lengths looks simply fabulous.