Black Women Hairstyles On Oscars Red Carpet 2017

Greatest night in movie making world held yesterday night is not just triumph of cinema but also of style and fashion. Actually, Oscar Academy Awards is always the place where we can see the most elegant looks of all. No matter what times we live, what trends emerge into new season, Oscar’s red carpet is the sport where elegance meets with delicacy. And we love it! What was different this time? Well, 89th Academy Awards red carpet was different in colors. The gowns of the most prominent designers were all in the gamma of golden tones and simple black and white. Indeed, there were few celebrities that wore brighter shades. Another notable fact is that this Oscar’s hosted far more black celebrities than before. Indeed, last year there were many movies starring black artists. Finally, now we can see black women hairstyles 2017 Oscars Awards have delivered to us. They set the trends, these natural hair ideas are worthy to copy right now.

Pixie hairstyles for black women

VIOLA DAVIS short pixie hairstyles 2017 Oscar
JANELLE MONAE short natural hairstyles 2017 Oscar

Short hair is popular now. Nobody doubts it. However there are many ways to go short. Consider your natural afro hair, and go for a smart wig. Janelle Monae hairstyles that were all about natural hair texture styled in double buns recently, have changed into this Julius Cesar like short hair and golden hair piece.

Celebrity bob hairstyles on Oscar’s red carpet

TARAJI P. HENSON wavy bob hairstyles 2017 Oscar
OCTAVIA SPENCER bob hairstyles 2017 Oscar

What about bob cuts? They are always present everywhere and for any skin tone. Indeed, bobs and lobs turn out to be the most worn hairstyles nowadays. And Taraji proves it to look great. At SAG awards 2017 she was with shaved side. Meanwhile, at Oscar’s awards she looks more vintage and elegant with her wavy bob.

Natural curls – black women hairstyles 2017 Oscars

HALLE BERRY natural curly hairstyles 2017 Oscar
CYNTHIA ERIVO platinum blonde short natural hairstyles 2017 Oscar

What we are sure to know is that natural hair is definitely trendy. Black women hairstyles 2017 Oscars include very short afro styles and mid length curly hair. By the way, you can dye hair into platinum blonde to get a fierce yet trendy short afro cut.

Black female celebrity long hairstyles at 89th Oscar Academy Awards

NAOMIE HARRIS mid part straight hairstyles 2017 Oscar
AVA DUVERNAY black women dreadlocks hairstyles 2017 Oscar

Finally, we get to long hairstyles. There are two way to wear long tresses – either stretch your own hair or wear a wig, or go for protective hairstyles. Actually, you see that celebrities wear dreadlocks on red carpet even. Seems, they are worthy for the most important events.